Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Julie Cockburn

These images appeared in Issue #13 of SEESAW Magazine, a part of her series,
"Filling the Cracks with Ceiling Wax."

And many more cut up works at Cockburn's website.

Josh Keyes

Perhaps once you've spent this much time in Alaska, you start
catching animals doing things like this.

Roar, 2009

Shadow, 2010

Last Kiss, 2010

Burst, 2009

"Eighteenth-century aesthetics and philosophies, particularly those of the Neoclassical and Romantic movements, shape his work. Keyes is drawn to the clinical and often cold vocabulary of scientific textbook illustrations, which express the empirical "truth" of the world and natural phenomena. He infuses into a rational stage set many references to contemporary events along with images and themes from his personal mythology and experience. These elements come together in an unsettling vision, one that speaks to the hope, fear, and anxiety of our time."

Aaron Louis Fowler

I suppose I like Fowler's images because they're simple, and still deform the body in an uncanny way that I can't seem to tear my eyes from.

images from his series, OCEAN