Friday, November 20, 2009


These are some images of my mom taken by my dear friend Gregory Wikstrom, who takes incredible portraits with his 4x5. These turned out a bit light leaked, but I wanted to put them up so my mamma could take a gander.

This is the image he printed.

Gregory is working on his website now, but I will throw a link
somewhere in here when it's ready.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alfred T. Palmer

"This is an amazing collection of cinematic propaganda photographs from the u.s. office of war information that are on the library of congress website. They were made by a photographer named Alfred t. Palmer around 1942."

[all from library of congress. uploaded from i heart photograph, by asha schechter]

Friday, November 13, 2009

In Ohio

Beauty Queens in Elyria, OH

An American Indian Museum in Fort Ancient, just south of Columbus

Flea Market near Oberlin

Dog Tracks Diner, Wellington

Dimitri's Diner, Wellington


My grandmother used to live in Victorville, CA, not but three hours away from our house in LA. My mom, dad, brother and sisters would make the drive for Thanksgiving, Easter, and when we were little, for Christmas. They had so many weird things packed into stacks so neat it kept us seeking hidden treasures for hours. Nothing was ever dusty or out of place. All of our toys were kept in a hexagonal chest, big enough for us to fit inside.

She moved back to Cincinnati, OH to be closer to family after my grandpa passed almost ten years ago, and somehow found an apartment with the same color carpeting, nesting her new space with the same pink chair and big table, her old towels, candy dishes. Her condo is half the size of her old house in California.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brian Finke

Brian Finke documents and stages narratives of cheerleaders, flight attendants, a gay fraternity, female body builders and others, creating long series of portraits which catch and create so many moments that the oddities of these sub-cultures emerge in full sharpness. Check out his website.



Pictorial Webster's

This is absolutely insane. A short documentary about the creation of the Pictorial Websters, probably one of the most exquisite books you will ever lay your fingers on. It's entirely crafted by hand...